Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Non-fiction Leveled Reading Passages and Questions

I've been a little absent from posting new things to TpT recently, and this is why: I was finishing up this huge packet on nonfiction reading passages!

I've been wanting to do this packet for a while, especially since the Common Core places so much emphasis on nonfiction text, and I finally found the time to finish it!

The packet includes 7 passages:
  • Polar Bears
  • Oh Christmas Tree
  • The Winter Olympics
  • Why do Penguins Waddle?
  • Let it Snow!
  • The Super Bowl
  • Will You be my Valentine?
There are now two passages for each topic- the original passage which has a higher reading level, and a lower reading level passage!

Each one page passage includes a set of questions targeting things such as vocabulary (definitions, synonyms, antonyms), comparing and contrasting, inferring, predicting, main idea, WH- questions, and describing. I've also included answer keys!

Below is an example of one of the passages, "Polar Bears", and the question and answer sheets.

If you think that this looks like something you could use with your students, then you can find it here. Be sure to leave me some feedback if you grab it!


  1. This certainly looks like something I could use! What is the reading level for the passages? My highest middle schooler deolcodes at about a mid-4th to early 5th grade level, with comprehension in the 3rd-4th grade range

    1. Jill, I just added lower level reading passages for each topic! The lower levels work perfect for 4/5 grade reading ability.