Thursday, April 9, 2015

Everyday Speech Social Skills Video {Review & Giveaway}

When working on social skills, it's helpful to have a peer model to aid in teaching the skill. With such busy schedules, it can be hard to bring in someone to your session to serve as a model. That's why I love video modeling! But it's often hard to find videos to exactly fit my needs. Everyday Speech has the solution- and it's a great one! 

Everyday Speech is best known for their iPad app, Let's be Social. When they added videos to the app, they got such an overwhelming response that they decided to make even more. They hope to have 40 videos by the time they launch-40! The videos can be purchased as standalone videos, video bundles, or you can subscribe to their website to get access to their whole library.  

You will be able to watch the videos from any computer or tablet. You can even download the files to watch them offline! To watch on your iPad, you can download the VHX app here

Some of the topics covered include:

-voice volume
-staying on topic
-making eye contact
-using a filter

See a lot of the videos included in the picture below.

So what do I think of it? These video rock. I mean seriously, where else can you get videos specifically designed for the topic you need to teach that goes into the depth and detail that these videos do. Each video is right around 2 minutes long. They use real kids and adolescents in their videos in situations that our kids will really encounter. The videos not only show what to do and what not to do, they pause to explain what is happening and to give additional information.  

Videos start out by explaining the skill that the video is targeting.

Emotions are identified and explained as they relate to each social situation.

Teachable moments are pinpointed and enhanced.

Thought bubbles are used throughout to show what each person is really thinking.

Think this is something you would love? Sign up to be on the wait list now to get the best deals! Those on the waiting list will get:
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To get in on this awesome deal, be sure to use this link! How would you use these videos in therapy?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Fib Revealed!

I hope you enjoyed our Two Facts and a Fib blog hop! I know I enjoyed trying to guess everyone's fib. 

Now to reveal my fib! 

My entire county goes to one high school. Fact

I live in Jasper County, Illinois, a large county in the southern central region of Illinois. According to the 2010 Census, Jasper County covers 494.51 square miles and is home to a total of 9,698 people, which breaks down to less than 20 people per square mile. We have one private Catholic school that goes up to 8th grade. In the public school system, we have one grade school, one middle school (which is now housed in our high school) and one high school. I had 140 people in my graduating class.   

At one point or another in my childhood I had these animals as pets: cat, turtle, dog, and fish. Fact

My parents have had cats and dogs since my brother and I were little. One day, my brother and I found a turtle down by the creek near our house. We convinced our mom to let us keep it! We fed and took care of it for over a year. One morning, my mom woke up to the turtle crawling across the living room floor. Needless to say, from that day forward, we no longer had a turtle as a pet. Mom and dad did agree to let us get some fish as a replacement. Now my parents have a cat, while my husband and I have a dog. 

I am very musical and can play the clarinet, piano, and trumpet. Fib

I do consider myself a musical person. I have been in my school's band and chorus since I was in elementary school. I was an active member of my high school's marching and concert bands, as well as musicals and choir concerts. So which musical instrument do I know how to play? The clarinet! I didn't really have much of a choice when I started band in elementary school. My cousin had a clarinet that she gave to me to use, so it was either play that or play nothing. Good thing I was good at playing the clarinet! I did dabble around with my brother's trumpet, but I could never get it to sound quite right. Since I can read music, I am also able to punch out notes on a piano. However, I am far from saying that I can actually play the piano. Maybe one day!

Did you make the right guess? If you guessed C, congratulations!