Thursday, May 1, 2014

ABC's of my Speech Room {M is for...}

M is for Monkeying around with Vocabulary. I looked and looked and looked to try to find a link for this for you, but it seems that it's out of print! In fact, this copy was left at my school from a previous SLP. So if you run across a copy of either book, be sure to grab it up!

There are two versions to this product, a grades K-2 version and a grades 3-5 version. They both include sections on antonyms, synonyms, classifying, definitions, absurdities, and then the 3-5 grade version also includes a section on analogies.

These are so much fun for my littles. Each section includes multiple ways to practice the skill: matching pictures, cut and paste, coloring pages, circling words, fill in the blanks, writing sentences, and word banks. With so many different activities to use, my students don't even realize they are working!

What's an M from your room that you love? 

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  1. I love these books as well. Wish it was still available. My go to books!